Confidence Class with Professor Hackett


Mom:  Aidan, you can’t beat me at this game.
Aidan :  Why? Are you going to cheat?

Aidan: Lifts his shirt “Check out this eight pack.”

Aidan : Mom, have you told me I’m awesome today? Because I so am.

Aidan: I need a Facebook page.
Us: For what? What is it going to say?
Aidan : I’m awesome. P.S.: I’m cool.

Aidan: No need to see if my baseball team won today. I wasn’t there. So, no.


We’re going to enroll him in a humility program at our next opportunity.

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  1. happyspurt says:


  2. I miss your posts! Hope you’re doing well.

  3. LaToya says:

    LOL! He’s a great kid.

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